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I provide individual counseling sessions for adults in a wide range of areas. Here are some concerns that I work with: 

 Self Sabotaging Behaviors  |   Difficulty Relaxing  |  Trauma |  Depression  |   Relationship Issues  |  Cultural Transition  | Grief  |  Religious Trauma  |  Anxiety & Panic  |  Isolation  |   Identity Exploration  |  Mindfulness Practice  |  Loneliness  |   Social Anxiety   |   Self Discovery  |  
Or if you just need someone unbiased to listen to you.
If you have any questions about who I work with, or your concern is not listed above, please feel free to contact me.
Image by Cassie Boca

I  offer tele-health sessions. Although, meeting face to face is my preferred method of practice, I do offer video calls to clients as an alternative to coming in.  You must be a resident of Washington state to be eligible for tele-therapy. 
How does tele-therapy work? Once we schedule a appointment time, a confidential link is sent to your email at your appointment time. This link will open up a new window that will allow us to conduct a video conference in a HIPPA compliant format. 

Video Sessions

My specialty is helping clients unravel and understand patterns in their lives. I believe lasting change comes from an awareness of our beliefs and values coupled with behavior and habit change. 


I believe our emotions exist to add a sixth sense to our experience. More importantly, they are critical in nudging us towards what we value. In just one interaction we can experience one or several emotions at a time. They can be nuanced, intense or paradoxical all at once. This can make it tricky to decipher and pin down what they are trying to communicate. 

Together we can observe the information your mind, heart, and body gives you. In this process, uncovering how your mind, heart and body treat you and what it is they uniquely need from you.

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

" You can not be your feelings because otherwise who's the you that feels them?

you're not your thoughts,

you're not what you have,

you're not what you do,

you're not even who you love or who loves you. 


There's something underneath all that." 

                         ~Caroline Mchugh

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