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    I believe that all of us have the power to live a rich and meaningful life. It is easy to get our attention and life caught up in things that don't serve our values. The world pulls from all directions. By working together we can rediscover what a meaningful life looks like for you. 

   In most cultures of the world and before psychotherapy existed, some of the same conversations that happen in psychotherapy happened over tea. I grew up listening to stories of my grandparents, new acquaintances and friends over tea. Simple chats over tea have been one of my family’s solutions to seemingly impossible problems, stress, sadness, and tense situations. As well as, the common factor and kindling for moments of realization, healing, connection, joy and laughter. I encourage you to connect with folks in your life that you can have 'tea conversations' with. I am also here to offer an outside, un-biased and professionally trained ear when you need some extra support or perhaps just an extra cup of tea.  


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